Friday, March 12, 2010

A new Grocery List

This family loves pizza and spaghetti and oranges and chocolate.

This family is cutting out the pizza and spaghetti and oranges and chocolate.

This family has a kiddo who has been diagnosed with acid reflux (a different kind then what we see on TV). So most of our food choices have to change.

The easiest way to find a "diet" that will work for Alex is to look up GERD diets for children. Alex has all ready declared that he is going to miss salami and marinara sauce the most. I don't think he realizes that Root Beer is on the No-No list as well.

I am pretty excited because it is warming up, which means we can try out a bunch of new things on the new grill. We are going to get so much better! Casey and I just have to adjust our default cooking though. We need a new basics list.

Today, we are making our grocery list for the next two weeks. Weeks that include a new family "diet" and weeks that include Alex's recovery.

Lots of green foods!

Lots of soft foods!

Lots of new foods.

I am going to start posting some new "diet" menus and recipes to help me keep track of it all.

This morning, I prepped the crock pot for a big batch of beef stew! Not exactly the lean meat that the diet plans refer too, but it is a type of comfort food for Alex, and it is not tomato based. :)


Lisa 5:49 PM  

Wow, I've never really heard of this. Sounds like a challenge. I wonder what his new, still undiscovered, NEW favorite food will be!!! <3

Sarah 6:08 PM  

Ooh!! That actually sounds fun to me, because then you're forced to try new things, and who knows?? You might actually discover a few things you normally wouldn't have tried. Why not switch to a white sauce pizza? I'm sure you can find a killer recipe for chicken pizza using alfredo sauce. Yum! You'll definitely have to share some of your finds.

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Its just me 10:21 AM  

Hey Nicole...You should check into a cookbook called Eating Clean, By Tosca Reno. She has on for kids and family too. The recipies are amazing and super healthy!
Our youngest had to have her adenoid removed too. She was only 4 and it went really well. No complications and was done in 15 min. Turns out she is allergic to dust mites..poor thing couldnt really breath very well when she went to bed.
Good luck. I look forward to your recepies... :)

Gina 6:24 PM  

I feel your little guy's pain! I suffer from acid reflux too. In 2007, I cut out all acidic foods and drinks for about a year. I started taking DGL Chewable Licorice - 2 chewables 20 mins before each meal. They help to reheal the lining of your stomach. I started those in July 2007. I have been taking them daily ever since. After about a year, I stopped taking them before each meal - instead I chew 3 in the morning before my first meal, and that's it's for the day. They taste horrible though, so I chew them up with a bit of peanut butter to mask the taste. They have helped me get to the point where I can now eat those acidic foods - in moderation, of course. The prescription meds did not help me at all. Look up DGL Chewable Licorice if you want more info. I buy them at Vitamin Shoppe. Good luck!!

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