Monday, February 01, 2010

January Goal Review!

Oh yeah this month is over finally! That means its time to review how I did on my monthly goals... ummm let me just say that the really important ones got done. :)

Home (FAIL COMPLETELY) Yeah I just didn't get to any of them.
Finish Painting, for REAL this time!
Finish Master bathroom vanity
Touch up paint in Alex's room
Make curtains for Alex's bedroom
Price a New Pool Filter

Make a weekly menu plan (Fail, I think I just need to not do this anymore, it never works out)
Eat 50% of meals from pantry stock ( Hooray!! Our Pantry has been very good to us)
Increase veggie intake! ( Double Hooray!!! Lots of veggies, fiber and SPINACH, yum SPINACH!)
Make Alex's lunches for school 4 out of 5 days FAIL

1 Bible study a week Success! Love Sundays, I mostly just squeezed in personal study before church started in the seats, or right before bed.

Garden (Fail!) I did make a nice tidy list of seeds to start, organized the seeds I do have, and made a very small list of seeds from a catalog I want to give a go. :)
Start spring seeds
Prep fallow bed

Wii Fit 5 days a week FAIL
Elliptical 5 days a week FAIL

Lose 5 pounds SUCCESS! Yay for the stairs at school, so much walking!

Stick to January budget SUCCESS, sort of. We did go over food budget by $40, but there were some awesome meat deals,Casey has been great at taking stock of what we need at home.
Prep taxes Success!

Enjoy it! SUCCESS!!! I love school!
Maintain a B average, shoot for an A! SUPER SUCCESS, I have all A's right now. Yippy!


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