Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Daily Station

Every single day I sit in this seat, burying my feet under the blanket that the Muffins lay on under the desk. I scatter mugs of coffee, tumblers of water and bowls of pretzels over the surface, dodging books and folders and papers and pens. I stare at the layers of reminders and quotes and bills and plans tacked to my cork board. I warm my shoulders with the light coming through the window and I write.

I write papers and answers. I reflect on topics that are required. I scratch out figures and punch buttons and square my answers. I study through words and thoughts and edits and copies.

I distract myself with blogs and flickr pages and news sites and iTunes. I avoid writing by writing something else like emails and posts and recipes and reviews.

I knuckle down to finish what is due both in school and work. And then I start all over the next day because the assignments never end.

I love it.


Lisa 6:31 PM  

"I love it."

I love it!

sunny 3:56 PM  

I love that you love it, and I love it too. Sounds like a great way to spend your days (or nights). And that blanket to bury your feet under - heavenly! :)

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