Monday, February 22, 2010

Garden Yearning

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It's that time of year again, not seed catalog time (even though it is), not Jiffy Pot time (even though it is), not checking for the final day of frost (even though it is)... It's time for me to daydream nonstop about living off the land, growing and canning a massive garden, raising chickens and gathering eggs, compost piling, flower planting, and eating from our work.
In reality I have a very small garden that we have honestly not eaten a lot from. In reality we can't have chickens due to our HOA even though we have more than enough land. In reality my composting had been tiny and insignificant compared to what I could be doing. In reality flowers never grace our yard. In reality we eat from our work but through the grocery store.
In an effort to be a little bit closer to my daydreams I have started my seeds for plants that we WILL eat from, no more tomatoes, no more garlic and potatoes ( I will buy till I have a dedicated bed). I have planted seeds in Jiffy pots and placed them under my Aerogarden as a grow light and I am excited for yet another planting season. I am excited to dig in the dirt and smell green on my hands when I rest for the night. I am excited to try again.
And all of that is Good Enough. :)


Its just me 8:45 AM  

Oh I wish you were able to have chickens! They are so fun. The eggs are wonderful. We have about 14 that lay close to a dozen a day. I am also eager to get my garden going!! I love the spring!

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