Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asking the Void

Are you there Blog?

It's me Nicole and I have a lot on my mind. Like how did I end up being a mom to only one kiddo, when all I had ever talked about and dreamed about was to not have an only child, since I was an only child.

And why why why do my toes always the catch the edge of the bed when I have to stumble to the bathroom on these cold winter mornings.

Blog, really are death and taxes necessary? Because I would really like to skip both of those things.

Did you know Blog that Fridays have replaced my love of Mondays? Truly, they have, simply because they seem to be the days in my new crazy schedule that I end up having off. Days where I could sleep in (after the morning school crush of course) but I end up not, and instead do homework and drink coffee in solitude and pursue blog linking threads that lead me all over the interwebs and back.

Blog, do you hear me? Can you answer me? Because Blog, I still haven't taken a picture for my February banner and I don't know if I will get to it because I keep getting distracted mostly be seed catalogs and daydreams of being a College History professor. But not Indiana Jones history type professor more like an idealized Anthropologie modeling shoot History professor. Don't you think I would look cute in ruffles and delicate jewelry drifting yummy perfume behind me in the halls? OMG Blog, did I just have a Mrs. Robinson daydream? Nope way, didn't happen.

So hey Blog, what kind of twist is fate going to throw my way because whenever I have weeks and months of change and more change, something outside my change range always happens. Can you give me fair warning just in case it is the other partner to the taxes couple I mentioned earlier? Because I think I might want to know that before hand, just to straighten out some kinks and to wear cute underwear. Okay, thanks.

I love you Blog,

Nicole, who has chilly toes and finger niblets.


Lisa 11:37 AM  

I miss you.

And it scares me in an exciting way to think that a smartly-dressed history professor is something that is easy to envision ;-)

Hope the pattern of change outside change doesn't happen in a bad way.

sunny 3:52 PM  

love this entry! (sorry I don't comment enough! I do read your posts!)

by the way..... TAG...You are IT!

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