Saturday, January 02, 2010

Savoring #15

Today I have been savoring memories, all the little things and big things that have happened over the last 10 years, a decade of life. But it wasn't till I saw Lisa's Decade in Review post that I knew I had to share it in my favorite format, so welcome to my Decade in Review LISTED!

In the Last Ten Years, I...

  • Had a baby, a month early, who needed NICU, and I refused pain killers after our crazy delivery.
  • Married my high school sweetheart at a vineyard surrounded by friends and family.
  • Had a private dinner with friends while we had a private concert with Jason Mraz.
  • Moved 6 times, last time to Texas.
  • Survived crazy summer flooding.
  • Fell more in love with cooking.
  • Started gardening.
  • Had a fabulous vacation in Cancun.
  • Went parasailing.
  • Gained weight.
  • Let my hair grow really long.
  • Learned how to knit.
  • Scrapped for a living.
  • Scrapped for a hobby.
  • Started a business with Casey.
  • Adopted amazing dogs.
  • Fostered amazing dogs.
  • Fell in love with a Shih Tsu.
  • Made a Best Friend.
  • Realized that friendship, like love, isn't always equal.
  • Reacquainted with lots of old friends.
  • Taught outside my comfort zone and scored an awesome contract.
  • Went to the beach and watched the sunset behind me, so weird to this Cali girl.
  • Was baptized!
  • Picked up a camera to share how I see things.


Lisa 1:50 PM  

what an incredible list!

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