Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Final Savoring #16

Today I spent 2 hours in bed with Alex, watching his face while he played a game on his DS. I watched his eyes dart back and forth, his skin soak up the weak sunlight, how his hair moves when he scrunches up his face, the very faint peach fuzz on his lip, the shape of his teeth against the curve of his mouth, how his dimple peaks out when he smiles.

I noticed the shape of his fingers, how the clarity of the skin on the back of his hands make me jealous, the single mole that we both share, the short bitten nails, the arch of his thumb joint, the slimness of his wrist.

I love my son. I love the child that Casey and I made together more then I could ever fathom. I could have spent all day savoring his face, his laughter, his words, him.

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