Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Listed: A Brain Dump

I have been in a Theraflu induced haze for the last 48 hours, and all these snippets are vying for attention in my mind:

  • I think I need to start coloring my hair, it seems "flat" to me.
  • School starts in 6 days. I am going tomorrow just to find my classes so I don't wander around like someone's lost Mom on Monday.
  • I scrapped ice off my windshields this morning, the Costco card worked better then the blockbuster card.
  • Casey grilled steaks, I love a reason for A1.
  • Anyone else notice that the majority of PW's recipes in her new book are Beige colored foods?
  • I need to start my early morning wake up schedule again, should have started Monday. Then i should have started today. But horrible sinus gack and coughing fits prevented that happening on both days. Because if I slept, then the sick stayed away.
  • My new lovely flannel owl Pj's are pretty ridiculous on. Alex thought I was a crazy lady. But people, they are flannel with owls AND pockets, near perfection. They only need a hedgehog to be perfect.
  • Speaking of hedgehogs, Steve is totally hibernating. I am going to move him into my office as soon as the for sale pile gets smaller.
  • I am going to go buy a 2nd humidifier because Alex needs one in his room tonight, and so do I.

Ummm, I think theraflu has messed my brain up. A more sensible post will come tomorrow.


Lisa 11:20 AM  

Poor thing. =(

And yeah, beigey foods.

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