Thursday, January 07, 2010

Core Knowledge

I start school on Monday and over the last week I have found myself obsessing over anything school related. I have logged into my virtual classrooms a bunch of times, I have devoured any syllabuses I can find, and I have been planning ahead when I discovered assignment lists. I actually got the reading done for my English class last night, even though school doesn't start till Monday. I am completely excited, a little bit nervous, and more then ready. I all ready can see that I am going to be busy, overloaded with school. But I need to remember that I am happy to jump through these hoops to get the degree that I want to complete.

This first year I am going to be finishing up what they call my Core Knowledge, which I find incredibly funny as a title because really I doubt I will use my soon to be knowledge of Early 1700 Texan Woman in my Business degree. Who knows, maybe I will. But the facts as I see it are that I think they are lacking many classes that people need to know before they can face the world with their paper degree and book knowledge stuffed brain.

My college would teach these in the Core Curriculum classes:

  • Balancing a Checkbook 101
  • Understanding Credit Card and Bill Statements 102
  • How to do Laundry without ruining half your clothing.
  • How to change a tire, change your oil, check your fluids, and replace windshield wipers.
  • Scratch Cooking for Dummies
  • Thank you Card writing 101
  • How to Budget a household101
  • How to stretch a households budget in a pinch 102
  • How to apologize and mean it
  • How to say No when you all ready do too much.
  • Enjoying the simple things every day.

And finally...

  • How to admit that your parents really were right 101


Lisa 11:45 AM  

Hahahahaha! Isn't it funny! They assume we know or can be taught that by someone else. I guess you'll get CLOSE when you take an accounting class later. Core knowledge is a blessing and a curse because you get well rounded, slightly higher level practice and exposure to basic academia. If it's done properly, a degree program gives you many ( at times, unrelated to your major) experiences and knowledge that you will use just to expand your own thinking and awareness, and since you're smart and have practice too, it will translate into your field later. Even when done poorly, you end up getting a distinction that makes you extra-hire-able. ;-)

So excited for you!!

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