Monday, November 30, 2009

November Goals Reviewed

This month just flew by, I can hardly believe it will soon be Christmas time! Okay, let's see how I did this month.

  • Finish Painting Downstairs, this is my focus this week! This will be done today/tomorrow, so I am counting it!
  • Finish Organizing my office. More than halfway done, it will be finished right before Alex and I swap rooms.
  • Sell Items from office. Will finish this up this month and January.
  • Price Attic insulation


  • Meal Plan each week Oh man, I planned one week!
  • Make and freeze cookies and or dough for the holidays I have two doughs in the freezer, peanut butter and sugar :)
  • Inventory Pantry I need an entire day for this one, maybe over the holiday break.


  • Peter Bible study twice a week Maybe once a week, but not up to my goal.
  • Personal time with God daily. I have a hard time not marking this complete because I did spend a lot of time talking to god in my head, but I did not have many days with purposefully set aside time just for study and reflection.
  • Organize study guides and books One of the first things I did this month, I have about a year of study guides ready to go!


  • Build two new beds. This one is going to be pushed to spring.
  • Build second layers for two older beds
  • Create a frost cover for garden beds It isn't pretty, but it does the job!
  • Start compost bed with kitchen scraps, pumpkins will be my big boost for this one! Ended up doing a compost bucket and did not use the pumpkins. Man we have so much compostable waste that goes out there each day.


  • Hour on the Elliptical 2 times a week Ha! I think I did one day, so sad.
  • 30 Day Shred 3 times a week Not even.


  • Update Budget Weekly. I did it twice and then really focused on our holiday budget. I have to pay attention to our main budget better!
  • Finish the new budget cash flow report for both businesses. Nope.
  • Finish organizing receipts. About half way done.
  • Stay within our monthly grocery budget! Woo hoo, just shy of the amount by $4!
  • Track personal cash spending, use Money book! Nope.

The Christmas Prep

  • Purchase some Alex gifts His stocking is done and a couple gifts, will try to finish this week.
  • Address and Stamp Holiday cards Yay, so glad that this is done!
  • Sort through holiday decorations for items to toss or donate. Didn't crack a Christmas box, will do that this week.
  • Finish 4 crafty gifts. I am all most done with one. I have to put this in high gear!

Autumn Holiday Close

  • Put away all autumn decorations Done, except for one lone ceramic pumpkin that will find its box asap.
  • Inventory decorations Done!
  • Label storage crates. Done, and loving it!

Overall I got a lot done, not as many halfway done items as last month. I am looking forward to Decembers goals as I will have 3 weeks off to get LOTS done on my list. Not to mention, time to enjoy the holiday with my family and relax before school starts in January. Come back tomorrow for Decembers goals. :)


Lisa 9:16 PM  

nice! You accomplished a lot. Like a typical mom, looks like you put yourself last! But don't discount what you DID do!

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