Monday, November 30, 2009

December Goals

Okay December, let's see how much I can get done and still consider my three weeks off relaxing and focusing on my family during the holidays!


  • Purge and Organize Hall storage closet.

  • Room swap with Alex.

  • Sell Items from office

  • Super clean garage


  • Make a weekly list of meals and meats to use from freezer.

  • Make and share holiday cookie plates for family and friends.

  • Inventory Pantry


  • Peter Bible study once a week

  • Wake up early for personal time with God 4 out of 7 days a week.


  • Plan late winter beds

  • Plan seed starts.


  • Hour on the Elliptical 5 times a week

  • Chart exercise time.


  • Update Budget Weekly

  • Finish the new budget cash flow report for both businesses

  • Finish organizing receipts

  • Stay within our monthly grocery budget!

  • Make a bill pay calendar

The Christmas Prep

  • Finish gift buying by 12/10

  • Mail Holiday cards by 12/3

  • Mail Holiday gifts by 12/7

  • Sort through holiday decorations for items to toss or donate

  • Decorate house!

  • Decorate yard!

2009 Year Close

  • Organize and store 2009 bills and receipts

  • Fill in Calendars with yearly info.

  • Organize, Upload to flickr, and Purge yearly Pictures.

  • Make 2010 Bill Box, Job Box and Receipt Box.

  • Make 2010 Goal list.


Sarah 8:07 PM  

You are so incredible for putting this out there. I guess it's a good way to keep some accountability, right? I might have to plagarize.

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