Sunday, December 06, 2009

Confessions on a Sunday

Confessions on a Sunday, what better day of the week to deliver them?

  • I took five sips of coffee before I decided what confessions I wanted to share.
  • I have reconnected with people from High school over the last 6 months, and a large part of me realizes what a bitch I was to many people back then. The other part of me realizes how cool many of these people are and I honestly want to be friends.
  • I know 4 people who are pregnant, and after announcement #3, I stopped being jealous and now celebrate in my mind that I am going back to school. It's a different "type" of baby.
  • I forgave someone recently and decided at the same time to not involve myself in their life as much as I use to be. I am really happy with that decision.
  • I received our first Christmas card in the mail this week and all most threw it away because she put so much glitter inside it and the glitter spilled out onto my freshly vacuumed floor.
  • Some of the things I love to grow in my garden, I do not actually like to eat.
  • I get immense satisfaction from emptying bottles of toiletries, and that is why I started to use that blue mouthwash, because it was all most finished.

What's your Sunday confession?


Sarah 12:15 AM  

Bella, bella, bellissima!! I LOVE this post! I'm hoping I'm included in the "past 6 months" part, and I have to say - I NEVER thought you were a bitch! You were just in pageantry! J/K. :) I haven't gotten your card out yet for the simple fact that I have to wait for pay day for to buy stamps (pathetic) but it is sitting here on my desk all sealed up and ready to go! And I solemnly swear there will be no need to re-vacuum your carpet when you open it. And you can come to my blog and leave epic length comments. Tit for tat!

I am SO glad we've been able to reconnect!!! ♥

Courtney 1:03 AM  

I feel like that about a lot of my high school memories too! And maybe some middle school too, ha, though I hope I was never a bitch to you.

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