Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*whisper* omg it was scary...

Okay so one of my goals for the month of October over on the right, was to clean out our fridge and clean and organize our freezer. I knocked out the freezer a week ago in 15 minutes, it was easy peasy and had only one thing thrown away, an odd bag of tropical fruit that was questionable.
I cleared lots of stuff off the front of the fridge, but it is hard to get rid of it all cause it makes me happy.
Which left me with purging and scrubbing the fridge, something I hate to do because it is difficult to get the shelves out of the fridge and honestly we had a mess happen a while ago that I just didn't want to think about.

Loads of meats! Not a lot of veggies since we like to eat them fresh.
Today was the perfect day to get in there, take everything out, and scrub. We have friends coming this weekend to stay over and since the fridge is always in plain sight, I thought I might as well get it over with today. It is rainy and dreary and I had more then an hour to kill.
Everything was removed one shelf at a time, the expiration date was checked, it was either chucked or wiped down, and then the shelf came out for a major scrub down. I busted out my Pampered Chef scraper ( which is one of my all time favorite cheapo purchases!), the scrubby pads, lots of soap and got to cleaning. Once clean I dried the glass shelf off and then tackled the walls and tracks of that shelving area.
Its CLEAN! And organized, now just to keep it that way.
One shelf at a time I cleaned it up, straightened it all out, and realized how much salsa we have in there. I also got a really good idea of what we need to eat and what we do not need to buy again.

I think my favorite shelf is the bottom one, Wine RockStar and Vanilla Creamer, what more could I want. Oh! Applebutter, that is down there too!

The doors were super easy, all most as easy as the fridge. Can you tell that we are a sauce/condiment family. Sauces make everything tasty.

My number one reason for doing this mega purge and scrub? If the health department came and did an inspection, my kitchen would have been shut down! Eekk! So horrible to even think about!

Which leads me to ask you, Would your kitchen pass a health inspection?


Lisa 7:33 PM  

My last kitchen would not have passed inspection because of the floors that curve up tot he cabinets. hated cleaning that floor!

Visitors...I am happily jealous. Loved visiting you around this time. Wish I could get yall here in my guest room.

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