Saturday, October 10, 2009

October goals, let's talk about them 10 days late

I just spent 30 minutes digging around in my garden beds, prepping one for a huge batch of leafy greens, another for onions/scallions/and the like, and the other was just some weeding and thinning of my latest plantings. While up to my wrists in freshly turned soil I realized that I have yet to blog about the goals I established for myself for October.

I was inspired by Kim at The NewlyWoodwards to goal out each month. As soon as I revamped my layout, I posted my October goals in the sidebar on the right. At the end of the month I will tally up how well I did.

So let's review!


  • Finish painting the Downstairs
  • Purge and organize my office
  • Decorate for Fall
  • Organize kitchen appliances and storage in pantry
  • Make a list of easy sauces
  • Purge Freezer and Reorganize
  • Inventory Pantry
  • Clean fridge!
  • Peter Bible Study twice a week
  • Thirst Bible Study weekly
  • Finish Omnivores Dilemma


  • Build second layers on two beds
  • Build two new beds
  • Prep one bed as a winter compost bed
  • Plant Mums in front yard for Autumn
  • An hour on the Elliptical 4 times a week
  • Do 30 day Shred 3 times a week
  • Update Budget weekly
  • Create new budget report for businesses
  • Organize business receipts for the summer
  • Stay within monthly budget for grocery!
  • Track personal spending of cash money
The Christmas Prep
  • Make a Holiday budget!
  • Price Alex gifts
  • Purchase some Alex gifts.
  • Work on craft gifts
  • Organize Holiday Closet


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 8:07 PM  

Great list. Although, I'm totally freaking out.... Christmas is coming! =)

I just cleaned out my fridge and pantry yesterday. The local high schools are doing a hunger drive and I had to bring a few things to work. So, I brought a bunch of canned goods we don't use. It wasn't a huge purge but it looks better and I feel better about it.

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