Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The night before

We have good friends coming into town tomorrow, which makes tonight the night before. Which means I have turned into a crazy bitch. Truly... mean Nicole to the hilt. But we have put up pictures that have been down for 6 months, I bought the perfect frame for a long ago gifted poster, I spray painted old frames and rehung them, we have grocery shopped, prepped the guest room, super vacuumed, are about half way through last minute laundry, and need to finish the bathroom tonight.

And I have to work tomorrow and the next day. Which means Casey is on house duty tomorrow and on Friday he is treating our friends to a great tour of our home town. But come Friday night, after Alex is dropped off at my parents and I have battled traffic to get back home, I will be in full friend party mode.

I can't wait.


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