Thursday, September 10, 2009

More then you ever wanted to know, A Confession

Okay ya'll you are going to get details today of my butt. Yes, the thing I sit on.

First let me tell you about a conversation Casey and I had today solely because of what happened. We have come to the conclusion that I am a Body Klutz, I am forever doing something to hurt myself or blur my vision or break a toe or get attacked by an iguana, point is I am always saying Ow. Casey on the other hand is an object Klutz, he breaks things sometimes fresh out of the Christmas box, or he drops things or loses them, objects should run for cover when Casey comes around.

Okay back to the butt. I hurt a part of my butt today (HA the whit is slays me and soon you will get why I am laughing, come back and read this first sentence again after you read the rest of this paragraph, HA a part!). See my butt has a dimple right at the top of my crack. Sorry, see, I told you you would learn intimate details today. But anyways, the dimple, its there, its cute (really it is) and today I gave it a contusion.

Basically what I did today was plop my ass on the ground and didn't notice the hard plastic Rubbermaid drawer that was open and somehow the sharp hard corner of that Rubbermaid drawer Contused my butt Dimple. And it HURT like you wouldn't believe. I immediately got up, jumped up and down and cried over my butt. I woke Casey up because I was whining over my dimple while I was trying to get a good look at the damage in the mirror. He, who is married to this Body Klutz, barely cracked an eyelid to ask if I was okay and did I need emergency care (he is an old Pro). Really all I wanted was sympathy because there is not much to do for a butt dimple contusion, except pity me.

Finally the ache and pain lessened to a dull roar, I was able to go about my day. But tonight while I changed into my Pj's, I twisted around to see my dimple in my vanity mirror and it looks like a darn two year old swirled red and purple markers into my butt dimple. Luckily for you I have an aversion to posting pictures of my admittedly adorable butt dimple on the Internet, so you don't get to see the damage. But at least it is pretty damage right? Think it will scar!?


Lisa 9:26 AM  


Courtney 11:02 PM  

Aw, my three year old has one of those too, the dimple, not the bruise!

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