Saturday, September 22, 2007

" I can see Clearly now..."

This morning I woke up to my left eyelid HURTING, it was puffy and swollen and either pink eye (ugh!) or a stye. So I decided to nip it in the bud if it was pink eye and use the drops that we had left over from Alex's last bout. After my eyes stopped watering and were not so sensitive, I noticed that my vision was REALLY blurry. Like I can't focus and I have a headache blurry. Turns out I used Alex's Dilation drops in both eyes instead of the pink eye medication. I spent the entire morning blurry eyed. I even had Casey read the color on the mascara packing so I would get the right one. Damn drops. Now that it has worn off some I have one eye that is huge, puffy with a big stye. Damn eye. I am such a dork.


lisa 1:03 PM  

oh no!that is totally something I would do....hope you're feeling better soon. =/

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