Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh the throbbing and twitching, help me please!

My damn eye feels so thick and swollen. Maybe because it is thick and swollen. On top of the odd feeling of having an eyelid three times its normal thickness, it now twitches and pulses with all the extra blood that my body is sending to the lid. i can tell that the tear duct is blocked and irritated, hopefully my antibiotics will clear it up real soon. Because I am going crazy with the odd feelings coming from my eye. I also look weird wearing my sunglasses inside.

I have not been wearing makeup or even putting my normal face product on just in case it irritates it more. So now my skin is freaking out, my face looks red and uneven and those under eye circles are massive. I even have a new tube of mascara calling my name, it looks so tempting there on my vanity with it brand new brush and non gunked up top. *sigh*

Alex and I were up with the birds at a Scout event to sell popcorn. Casey got so much done in that time, he fixed the broken boards on our fence, the ones that Archie likes to escape through, he mowed the front and back lawns, and he did some building supply research for our fence repairs that we are going to undertake. Yeah!

Now I am off to tackle laundry, dirty dishes, and get ready for the Circus!


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