Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Shiner for the Shriner's.

So. The. Circus. Reaffirmed. My. Slightly. PETA-ish. Dislike. For. Them.

Few things in life are as sad and half assed as a B rated circus. They tried to put on a show and some things were memorable, like the little dog dressed up in an elephant suit that had his life shaken out of him, and the hoola hoop girl who was all of 12 but walked like the best strippers I have ever seen, and the sad sad elephants being climbed upon by kids whose parents had shelled out $10 for them to ride the elephants around a small ring during intermission, and all the repeated sales pitches for coloring books with magic tickets to win a bike, or the light up flashing snow cone cups, or the Shriner's hats you could buy for your kiddos. Of course I can't forget to mention the demonstrators outside holding up signs of caged show animals that said Help me. It was all so sad that we up and left before the elephant act and the human cannon ball.

We went because the tickers were free and I still had memories of "Water for Elephants" floating through my head when we were invited. I will not go back to an animal circus again.

Bring on the Acrobats and intelligible songs of Cirque de Soleil, like Saltimbanco or O.


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