Monday, September 24, 2007

Two days of P&C on Self Employment

When asked what we do I usually get some sort of reply along the lines of, "Wow, I have always wanted to start my own business." To which I usually reply, "It is A LOT of work." Not that I do all that work, it is spread across the two of us, both the good and the bad. For today, here are some benefits of being self employed.

The Pro's of Self Employment:

  • Morning routines to start my work day include playing fetch with the dogs and lots of nice coffee enjoyed on the deck.
  • Work attire is made up of jeans, tees, and a lot of the time PJ's.
  • Errands can be done at any point in my work day.
  • School field trips are not a problem, I just work it into my daily schedule.
  • When we need it, days off are taken and enjoyed, with out a care in the world to vacation time.
  • Sick days don't have that early morning stressful phone call to a boss saying we won't be coming in.
  • Business lunches can be anywhere, as long as we want, and written off. Go PF Chang's to discuss scheduling!
  • We can say what we are willing and unwilling to do, because we can!
  • Alex knows the in's and out's of basic business.
  • Alex gets to have a mom at home most of the time. He only goes to after school care when I work certain gigs. Which means after school care is still a novelty.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers can be played as loud as we want to get the morning started.
  • Blogging is considered a valid to-do on my daily list. *grin*
  • Lots of fun office supplies and calendars to use. Love that.
  • Awesome paychecks.
  • Scheduling Casey's travel to have three weeks off in a row multiple times a year.
  • My desk is from Ikea and is covered with fun fanciful stuff including but not limited too my iPod, Webkinzs, yarn, tons of family pictures, more music then you can shake a stick at, my current embroidery project, digi cams, and so much more that can distract me. In fact there isn't much work on my desk right now.
  • Which brings me to the fact that my desk can be anywhere. It has been known to migrate to the deck, my bed, the living room, Alex's playroom, and the local WiFi Starbucks!
  • My office mates are covered in fur and always want to play.
  • I can work at night if the day is too pretty to ignore.
  • We get to write off portions of our mortgages, utilities, cars, and insurance since we work from home.
  • Casey racks up some great frequent flyer miles to be used for family fun.
  • Most days I only have about 2 hours of work to do, unless I am teaching.
  • Family Business is just as important and Work Business, which means if there are things to get done for the house or doctor's appointments we don't push them off to weekends.
  • With enough work done during the week, weekends can be all about fun events and mellow family time.
  • My laptop is my best friend during the day.

More to come later today, when I think of more. And of course the Con's come tomorrow because you have to explore the Yang of the Yin as well.


lisa 1:00 PM  

the pros certainly sound phenomenal!!

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