Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day two of P & C on Self Employment

Working for yourself is hard work, constant work, busy work, with lots of paperwork. Here are the Cons that we have discovered.

The Cons of Self Employment

  1. Must manage your own taxes. Which can eat up a bunch of your income if you don't get creative with deductions.
  2. Must be meticulous about paper trails and records.
  3. There is A LOT of paperwork.
  4. There are lulls in the industry which can lead to months of no income.
  5. Computer training can be expensive to stay on top of. The cost of computers, software, manuals can be extraordinary.
  6. We work every day all hours. We can be a juggler and work at night, but the point is that you don't get to just clock out and walk away from your desk at 5pm.
  7. Lots of travel can mean lots of time away from family and home.
  8. Insurance, if you don't buy private insurance then you have none. Private insurance is horribly expensive, so it is always a gamble.
  9. Distractions can take away from activities that actually pay the bills. This is one of my down falls.
  10. You ARE your company, so the way you look, talk, dress, what you drive, all effect the industry's view on your business.

That is all I can think of right now, which just goes to show that working for ourselves has way more benefits in our eyes.


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