Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busted on the Insurance

This post is all support for my complaints about the lack of insurance as a self employed family and how it is a gamble. Today when I picked up Alex from school, I discovered that his glasses were broke, how isn't the issue, it is HOW am I going to get new ones. His current kiddo insurance is in the re-approval process, which means we are in insurance limbo. he is covered if we are in a major accident or he needs to be hospitalized, but check ups and eye appointments are not covered till the end of October.

Enter Wal-mart, for $108 I was able to get him an eye exam, new frames, and new lens. Seriously the only bummer was the time it took and the time we will spend waiting for his new blue glasses.

This is the gamble part, did the Doctor at Walmart compare to Alex's regular pediatric optamologist? She measured up just the same, she said all the right things that I look for (having an eye problem myself) and she was efficient and patient with Alex.

The bad thing about this eye glasses fiasco was the timing, Alex has school pictures on Thursday. So look for the tape wrapped around the frame of his glasses when you see them!


lisa 10:22 PM  

Aw! Those pictures are going to be classic for years to come!

sunny 2:57 PM  

yay for walmart vision centers! it's where I get my contacts and the employees are quite friendly! but I love the affordable contacts. time to get glasses there. thanks for the reminder :)

I echo the idea that the photos are going to be classics! awww...cutie!

MartyGentry 11:01 AM  

we have gotten j glasses from walmart and target.we got target ones this year for back to school.

we made out like bandits- they had a lense sale and we walked out of there for like $125.
i like the target ones better- try target next time!

costco is pretty cool, too. that's where craig gets his glasses and i get my contacts.

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