Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Spider bit the Dust

Alex is a sensitive sort of kid. Mostly because Casey and I are both so protective of him and any danger that could befall him. Alex has also been hanging with a new gang, a group that literally gets startled and shys away if any signs of tears break out. They quietly gather up any toys, and depart the premises if anyone can't handle the occassionaly scrap and pavement biffying. Tough kids, but Happy kids, even the 2 year old in the bunch has the highest tolerence for pain just by association.

Alex is melding with this group and on his own is starting to expect that bumps, bruises and cuts are not Forever Scars and to suck it up try again and move on.

Yesterday, I introduced Alex to the Spider Swing. Remember that? I know you do, its when one person sits on the swing as normal, then the other sits in their lap facing them, so that both riders can pump as they swing, which results in MEGA height. Yesterday, Alex and I Spider'ed and then as I was helping him off my feet slid in the gravel and next thing I know I have literally tossed Alex over my head and I am staring at the blue blue sky with the wind knocked out of me. Alex was immediately up, sort of, crawling his way to me asking if I was okay and once I said I was he bust out crying facing away from me. So I sat him with me and checked him over quickly and then burst out laughing. Alex was shocked and confused by my laughter. What?! Mommy isn't cuddling me, kissing every red and bruising/swelling spot? WTF was written all over his face. So I kept it positive as we sat there in the gravel with all five dogs licking us madly because Hell they have never seen Me flat on my back and ass in the gravel and I am sure the yell that went along with our little trip south got their attention.

So yesterday I learned my lesson as a Mom of a Boy, laugh it off even if it takes you 5 minutes sitting where you fall just to really make sure you didn't break your arm, just to save tough face and to help your son build tough face.

Good times for this lady Grace and her son Shiner face.


lisa 4:36 PM  

that was a cool mom moment. =)

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