Monday, March 26, 2007

Storm waiting, a list

  • Neighbors had firetrucks at their place tonight, don't know whats up yet.
  • Wind is creaking the siding.
  • All Along the Watchtower on my favorite SciFi geek out, BattleStar Galatica.
  • King ranch Chicken and rice for dinner.
  • Archie Muffin is super cuddly.
  • Flannel, love our flannel sheets.
  • A good messy sleepy hair day. Tis the sign of a good cut that is!
  • School year end in sight.
  • A new blank page on my desk blotter.
  • The smell of Star gazers
  • Storms coming in, love the waiting and watching.
  • NOAA is my friend.
  • Casey is my love.
  • Alex is our bug.

Life is Good.


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