Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wee Softies

The dogs and Alex discovered three baby bunnies in our yard yesterday. At first we didn't realize that they were bunnies, we thought mice. Twain had one in his mouth and it was squeaking and causing Twain's eyes to go huge and all the other dogs to go crazy. He ended up dropping it on the deck and that was when we discovered it was bunnies, about a day or two old. The eyes are not even open yet and they still have their umbilical cords. So I scooped up the baby and found another one in the grass that had died. We think Penny heard them moving in the hole the mother made and dug them up and then a dog frenzy of get the furry thing happened. So I returned the first baby to the hole and discovered a second baby.
Do you see what I see? As far as we know the mother hasn't returned yet. We are keeping the dogs locked on the deck or I am out there supervising them when they are loose. We keep hoping the mother bunny with come move the babies this evening, or else we will have to do major baby bunny sitting.


gina 7:56 PM  

how cute!! my mom has a baby bunny living her garden. he's so cute!! i love spring time!

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