Saturday, August 22, 2009

Melting Really Slowly

Jellyfish at Seaworld
It has been incredibly hot here in Texas. Now I know that hot is one of the first words to come to most people's minds when I say the word Texas, but really it is HOT here this year.

The sunsets burn every day. Because here in Texas the hottest part of the day is right before sunset. This strange land has done something wild with the sun and the way the earth absorbs the heat. It's like the broiler turned on right at the point of the day when you wish for a cool breeze.

Penny with no Shame.

The dogs have been miserable. Don't we all wish we could lay about exposing our hot parts to the little breeze that is available. Shhh, just between me and you, We do it too. But our breeze comes from inside the house, right underneath the ceiling fan. And you are lucky if you can score the ceiling fan and the AC vent at the same time. There is a reason we have Siesta. We need to reinstate it this year.

We spend tons of time in the pool. But there is not much relief when the water is 90+ degrees. It is like being in a spa without the bubbles. But it is always more enjoyable when you have a cool drink and a Lab who just learned how to take a flying leap into the pool on command and only on command. Bella has finally found her thing.

Lucky Bug got my freckles and his Dad's ability to tan.
We have ventured to SeaWorld, just to stand under a massive bucket every five minutes and get drenched. The sidelines are littered with parents sitting our asses in the water while our kids run amuck in the water plaground. And then we all plod happily to the bucket drop zone when the bell starts tolling that sweet wet relief is coming. SeaWorld trains Humans too.
But relief is coming soon. School starts on Monday, which means Fall is right around the corner. I pray for cold fronts and ice and fires in the fireplaces and heating my house through cooking. All warm things.


lisa 7:48 PM  

I noticed Alex's skin has changed right away! Lucky tanable boy!

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