Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Letter to Alex

Dear Alex,

Here we are all ready in another school year, but this time you are going into fourth grade. I know I say it every year, but how did that happen so fast? Time really does fly when your child is growing up. I have noticed over this summer that you are maturing so quickly, both physically and mentally. Your body has stretched to show us a hint of the height you will reach, your shoulders have lost their slimness that you always had, and are now muscular and defined. You are still whip thin, but getting the swimmers body that you deserve with how much time you spent in the pool this year. I have never seen a kid who loves being in the water so much!

School work on the first day!
This summer we had to travel through a litany of medical tests and procedures for allergies, hearing, vision and the dreaded dentist. You have been awesome through all the appointments we had to go to. Even the dentist which you were worried about. The dentist was a great reminder to you that if you forget or shirk your responsibilities, like brushing your teeth, then you will have to pay the price later. For you it was two fillings and one tooth pulled, but not nearly as bad as they originally said it would be. And let's not forget how crazy funny you were with laughing gas, brought me to the point of tears. :)

Regardless of the mistakes, we are so proud of you and of how you have handled all the change. You are a master teeth brusher now. You take your allergy meds, which there are so many of, like a champs because you know that it won't last for very long, just long enough to get you through it.

A teacher treat! She has got to be nice if you got a bag of Lucky Charms on the first day!

Alex, this past year has brought many changes to your personality, things that we see as parents that you might not be aware of. You are DARING, love to try new things, even pushing through your fear this past year to get to the good parts. You love your friends, and have learned to be aware of their needs. You and Austin have grown really close, and have both struggled through this separation. But when you two are together, it is like a day was never missed. You have been making new friends, friends who are nice to you instead of you always trying to chase after the kids who are mean. I know you are just trying to show them that you are a great friend and trying to win them over, but in life not everybody will be your friend. You have learned to read the signs and move on to others even though I know it has hurt your feelings a little bit. But mostly I am proud of how you handle dealing with them AFTER the rejection, you treat them nicely, you still prove what a great guy you are, and most of them have come around to now wanting to be your friend. Good job buddy! Speaking of buddy, I have been trying not to call you my baby any more, I know, I know, your are 9, but you will always be my baby. So I have started to call you Buddy, even though I slip up most times. Just remember that Buddy is just as special as Baby to your Mom.
Your silly smile, it is hard to get you to smile nice at the camera anymore.
Alex I wish and pray for a fabulous new school year for you! You have a new class with new kids. Your teacher is great, steady and firm, fun and caring. You have a whole year to reach your goals, make new friends, and learn so much. You are still a crazy funny kid, which we love to see and always laugh over. Just remember when to be crazy funny and when to follow the rules. We are a family of rule "benders" and we hope that we have taught you when to notice the breaking point, just don't use those new skills on us Buddy! *grin*

Finally a nice smile.

You have two years till Middle school, two years till lockers, 6 different classes, band, more homework then you can imagine, and no recess. Two years Alex to enjoy, learn and grow. We love you and will do everything we can to make these last two years in Elementary School fun and exciting, but don't try to grow up to fast. Enjoy this time, have fun and use your imagination! Bury yourself in books, Cub Scouts, bible studies and friends. Make the best use of every minute of your day and lay yourself down at night with your mind full of all the new things you have learned.Rest easy in knowing that your Mom and Dad will always be there for you to help with homework or friendwork. You are deeply loved Alex, beyond the Moon and the Stars.
We love you Alex!
Mom and Dad


Lisa 1:54 AM  

Oh dear god =)

I love you Alex! I am so proud of you. I wish you were in my classroom. I have the BEST class this year, too....it must be something about those year 2000 kids. Dang, you all are something special. I am so proud to read about who you are becoming.

You should be proud of yourself, kiddo.

I miss you, even when I can't be there as much as I want. <3

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