Friday, August 21, 2009

FaceBook has been killing my Blogging Mojo.

That's it. I am blaming Face book. It is a huge waster of my time. I check it a crazy amount of times during the day. Except for this past week, I have slowly been weaning myself from the crazy updates, the minutia of other people's crap, and invites to a game I will never play.

In hindsight I needed this summer off from publicly documenting. I needed to turn inward, to journal and study, to reach out to new friends, to spend my days with books and pen and paper. But I have been hearing my blog call out to me. Not a nice, friendly soft Hello. But a loud and insistent


So here I am again, words pouring from fingertips instead of tumbling out of my pen. Pictures have been taken, just to post here. Conversations have stuck in my mind, just to retell here.

Tomorrow will hold another post. But tonight is for me to lay in the bath and have private mental conversations with future posts. I can't wait to share them here...


Karelle 12:43 PM  

Wee! I'm glad you're back! :)

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