Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I want to be ready

The calendar has flipped over to August and I have new routines on my mind. School is in less than 3 weeks and I am ready to get back into a school year routine. I am ready to get back into meal planning. I am ready to manage a bulging calendar of work/school/scouts/family/life. And let me tell you, that calendar is going to be crazy! In order to make sure I don't lose my mind and drive my family to murder, I am drafting a couple lists of things to do.

School routines

  • Start easing into an earlier bedtime.
  • Re-establish a nighttime routine for Alex
  • Start laying clothes out for the week.
  • Ease into more substantial breakfasts, no more cereal and yogurt. I need to switch Alex over to his school time eating schedule.

Meal Planning

  • Take stock of the pantry and freezer.
  • Clean both pantry and freezer.
  • Plan a couple weeks worth of school lunches.
  • Plan a couple weeks worth of dinners.
  • Make and freeze a couple quick meals for that first week back to school.


  • Plan in detail the next four months of meetings.
  • Have our back to school meeting with kids and parents.
  • Prep handouts/posters/record tracking forms.
  • Make sure all our events are in our family calendar.

On top of all these things that I want to do, I have a new MAJOR HAVE to do change. Alex has recently been tested for allergies and we have discovered that he has major reactions to 8 of the 60 panels that he was tested on, mostly bermuda grass and dust mites. Which means, House cleaning needs to step up. I am a lazy duster, truly only do it when I finally notice it. Eepp! We need to purge the clutter from his play room and bedroom just to lessen the surfaces and items that turn into dust collectors.

And have I mentioned that I haven't finished painting yet either?? Dang, I have alot to do!


Lisa 11:58 PM  

I am a total mandatory duster. Luckily my body and dust mites get along. The best way was to do it every ___. My mom is the best at it. I, on the other hand, don't do the routine well. We used to do EVERYTHING weekly in that household!

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