Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wild Archie

We DVR'd all the new Discovery Channels Wild Pacific shows. It's not just Alex and I who like to watch them.

He will sit for the entire hour watching the TV like this.


lisa 8:56 PM  

Archie is such the educated and interested learner! Hah!

Kimberly 10:22 AM  

he keeps looking at you like - dude get the damn camera out of my face so i can watch my program. SOOO CUTE!

Screaming Iguana 7:15 PM  

Archie is teh hardcorez!

gina 12:05 AM  

Archie is soooo cute! haha, you can see how interested he is, that's so funny!

Anonymous 11:36 AM  

he is soooo funny! you were sooo interrupting his TV time.

love the head turning this way and that...like "what? something new?" "ooohh...something ELSE new?! My life is so small. Must get into the wild but I like my couch too much."

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