Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last night we were all up late. Late airport trip, late night TV, late dinner for Casey, late to bed when it is closer to morning then night.

Late in Bed, time together, tangled sheets and pillows, fans blowing, night vision... but then a sharp headache, that worried me, so I stood by ready to help if needed. Worried.

Enter a lazy morning, where the time on the clock is minutes from a double digit. Time in Pj's with soft light, closed curtains, small bird cheeps from the nest outside our window. We rise, wake Alex with belly rubs and back scratches. Make breakfast and biscuits. Explain comedy that is not quite low enough for him to get.

Then we return to bed because the pups want to snuggle in the sheets. The flannel and cotton promise cool coverage. He slumbers. I rise. Putter around, but keep returning to the bed to rest and doze and touch an elbow or side. Bury my face into Archie's fur, roll into Casey arms, laugh with Alex over his comedy.

Rise again, while he sleeps wrapped in green, and the boy stands next to me asking me how to make his armpit fart. Our SlumberDay.


Lisa 11:53 PM  

I have the BEST memories of my little bro and I and the armpit fart.

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