Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I do declare it's a no Zombie Toy Day.

The beginnings of dinner: carrots, zucchini, crock neck squash, asparagus, and snap peas.

Yesterday at 5:05pm, I declared it a No Zombie toy 24 hour period, meaning we were not allowed to watch TV ( zombie inducing), play any video games ( including the DS and Wii), or play on the computer( except for an hour this morning for me to get work done, and a couple of 5 minute snatches to check emails) till 5:05pm tonight.

All tossed in a tablespoon of olive oil and herbs de Provence.
It went over surprisingly well, there were no tears or angry words or pouts, just a question of what shall we ever do?

Our veggies were paired with a small brisket sandwich and an hour of cajoling for him to finish.

So we made a very yummy and filling dinner, set up the ipod to fill our ears, we started laundry that had been languishing, cleaned up rooms, ordered the kitchen and watched the thunderstorm as it rolled in and brought some much needed rain.

The bowl of melon was huge, the boy was cute and the game was oh so fun.

After dinner and the rain, we headed to the library because it was open late last night. We filled our bag with books, came home and challenged each other to Guess Who while we ate up some watermelon.
This mornings fill, Bolthouse farms Mocha Cappuccino and Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread.

I find myself up early this morning because I had to fill the pool before the pool guys come to repair a leak we have. But I wouldn't have been up if not for a small bout of insomnia last night, which luckily had me up when the power went out in the entire subdivision. I climbed out of bed at 1am, peered down the dark street that was flooded with full moon light, fetched my cell, set an alarm, and drifted off to the sleep while listening for the fan to come back on, a sure sign that power had returned. But instead I woke before my alarm, dragged the trash to the curb, made something to fill my belly, and find myself here while waiting for Alex to wake.


Screaming Iguana 8:38 PM  

nice.. Now that I am on the road you need to post more pics here...

It keeps me grounded....

BTW dont blame zombies cuz you and Alex like the TV machinery.. it's not their fault... they're dead for craps sake....


lisa 9:03 PM  

This is as refreshing as the watermelon!

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