Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Ode to Betty

Dear Betty, sweet sweet Betty,

We love your curly black fur and how it ends up all over the house. You are adorable in your persistent habits to get our attention, which we happily give when you are having your "awake" time. Your wet nose to our cheeks and ragged tongue to our ankles are your loving calling cards. Which always make us smile and giggle and fall to the floor to be close to you.

You have been aging quickly this past year, something that we have been keeping an eye on since the quick passing of Twain. You sleep most of the day, rarely rousing while the house is going crazy around you. You have your snug spots by the couch, upstairs in my office, in the yellow bed in our room. We know that we can find you there pretty much anytime. Unless you are doing your flipping rolling wiggling dance downstairs. We love to watch you amble around the yard on your walk abouts. How you can smell something new even though you can no longer see it. We love your Brontosaurus Betty move because it is always delivered with love. We loved teaching you how to climb stairs and that the couch was the best place to be. We love that you always know when there are treats especially if it is a sandwich. Your nose is a force to be reckoned with dear Betty!

We have been worrying about you and trying to make each moment of the time we have together full of love and pets and small treats. Thank you for peeking out at Alex when we were at the Shelter. Thank you for opening up to us after other people had been so horrendous to you. Thank you for trusting us enough to let us love you. You, dear sweet Betty, have been Our Rambalam Black Betty, and we love you.

With Cheetos and Salami,

Your Boyles Family.


lisa 12:47 AM  

Love to Bronto Betty..

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