Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One more day

One day till I have 11 days of bliss. Where I will...

  • hopefully finish the painting downstairs. I found color inspiration in a Father's Day card.
  • end every day floating in the pool
  • celebrate Father's Day belated with my Pops and My Mister Man at the top.
  • purge my closet of the baggage that is clothing that I will never wear again even if I fit back into it.
  • wake early just because I want too.
  • play the Wii, making it a family event.
  • teach Alex about the fine art of letter writing.
  • plan a new year of scouts.
  • finish a couple financial books.
  • perfect fried chicken.
  • use the elliptical with a smile on my face.
  • hold Archie and Bella as they doggie paddle in the pool.
  • finish my waking parts of the day with a G'night and a snuggle with Casey.


A "cheery" disposition 1:48 PM  

I love waking up early because I want too. If I have to get up for a reason then I rather stay in bed.

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