Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doing what Needs to Be Done

Yesterday, I lolled around being bored. I followed Casey around, I played with the dogs, I zoned on the computer, I ignored many many things around me. Till Casey gave me this sage advice, When you are bored, stop and look around the room you are in, and do what needs to be done.

Well today Alex and I took that into play since Casey was prepping and Alex was spacing out on the TV. We took pictures of the rooms that we were both in and then pointed out the various things to each other about their rooms that needed to be done. Time limit was an hour. Which ended up being extended to an hour and half. :)
And we got so much done!
Alex's Playroom before.

Alex's Playroom After

Alex got alot picked up in his playroom and ended up taking out two bags of donations and a bag of trash. I was FINALLY able to vacuum and clean his ceiling fan. Yes, he still has alot of stuff, but we are slowly working on culling out the junk toys and the things he no longer plays with. Really our main struggle is the sheer amount of Legos he has.
Our Bedroom before.
Our Bedroom Before.
Our Bedroom After.

The other Done side of the room.

My cleaned out and reorganized vanity.

I tackled the mountain of clean laundry that had been waiting for days. Gathered all the random dirty piles and put them in waiting baskets. Made the bed, dusted and wiped down everything, vacuumed and cleaned the ceiling fan. And then I purged my vanity, lined it with drawer paper and wiped it all down. I still need to wash the dog beds, cycle through some laundry, and iron the curtains, but it is so much better than it was.

I have to say that I am continually amazed at how much I can SEE needs to be done when I just look. And then how much I CAN get done if I just do it. I actually have the urge to finish painting the bedroom doors, which have been waiting for 4 years. :)


lisa 7:34 PM  

Whoa!!! I looooooove the picture idea. Visuals are so strong for me...and I know they motivate kids too. Now I have to gather up the courage next time I am bored... and do this myself! I promise to post it.

sunny 8:59 AM  

congratulations! what a difference you made in those rooms!

pictures are a great motivator. how brave of you to post them publicly! I usually send them to a friend or two and say "look what I did!".

nice advice from Casey!

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