Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guess who won?

Nothing makes a morning exciting here in Texas like Casey running back into the house asking for the camera.

It usually means one of two things.
a) He wants to take a picture of someone being an idiot
b) There is some animal he found and wants to take a photo of it.

Today it was B, which I knew because he kept chanting FrogSnake, Snake eating frog, CAMERA CAMERA CAMERA!

Behold the Texas Frog Snake!

Otherwise known as Luncher and Lunchbox.

Ultimately the winner was the Grackle, a Texas black bird, it swooped down and snatched this buffet up, because Casey broke up this duo with the axe since we can't have that bugger in our yard. Not with kids and dogs and ummm, me being a ninny. I could barely look as he took the fatal swing. If he had been shooting it, I would have wrestled him for the rights to pull the trigger. But the axe is a bit more Texas Chainsaw Massacre-ish. Where as I am a bit more Dirty Harry-ish.
But anyways, WELCOME to LUNCH in TEXAS. We love it here. Truly, we do.


Tania 3:45 PM  

I wonder why the frog didn't just hope out of the snakes mouth?

Tania 3:45 PM  

Hop! I meant Hop!

lea ann 8:31 PM  

I love the photos. In the first one, the frog's all

*shrug* "I'm getting eaten. Oh well"

Lisa 8:39 PM  


Like Tania, I'm wondering why didn't the frog move??!!


are you saying that a bird ate all this up?

If so, rad.

Stephanie 2:03 PM  

Imagine getting eaten alive and being that calm about it! Gee at least it could have been eaten head first! It would be less tortuous I would think!

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