Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer in the Wings

Alex and Bella doing their after school routine. Book reading, pup lounging in the fort.

Life is so quick right now, listing is a must:
  • School is all most out.
  • Family arrives the day after school is out!
  • Painting has come to a standstill
  • Because I hurt my back and am just now able to bend over.
  • The pool has been heavenly.
  • Sunburns are showing up in pale places.
  • I watched my legs actually FRECKLE today. It was beautiful.
  • Patios and BBQ's and floaties are in high demand.
  • Especially since we have awesome friends to share them with.
  • I am on a quest for the perfect big floppy hat to wear in the pool.
  • I vow to perfect my fried Chicken recipe this summer.
  • I start my teach from home contract on Monday. Money in my Pj's.
  • I have Disney on the brain.
  • Alex has the most adorable smatter of freckles on his face. God Bless Freckles.
  • Casey is teaching Rocket Scientists next week. No lying, he is teaching NASA.
  • My husband rocks.
  • I forgot about Mother's Day even in the midst of heavy hinting from my mom.
  • I could only hint Home Depot or a bougainvillea.
  • I am craving Cheetos.


COurtney 11:55 PM  

I heart Disney here, though I know you are talking about YOUR Disney, not mine. :)

lisa 8:25 PM  

I love the work updates. you in pjs, casey at NASA...

WHOA! My word verification is "anger"

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