Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, the Pool

Our pool was finally finished today! This has been a horribly long process that involved bad installers, bad stores, letters of complaint, the BBB, and then fitting it into our schedule. Two and a half years later, today, was THE day.

This is how the pool looked at 7am. WEEDS. It was 400% worse last year. Seriously our neighbors thought we had a garden in there. No joke.
This is how the pool looked after an hour of weed pulling and then the weed killer application.

The LINER, we have had it so long I forgot what pattern we picked out for the border design.
In, wrinkle free, and slowly filling with water. It has about 3 feet left to go, which should take about 5 hours. I have both hoses filling this baby.
Now we just need to shock it, drop in the needed chemicals, and we can swim in this sucker in a week! That is if the water is warm enough. But you can bet your last pair of knickers that we will all be in that water as soon as it is ready!


Screaming Iguana 10:17 AM  


lisa lisa 8:32 PM  

my goodness! Yaay!

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