Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Take Your Time, we tell him.

Today Alex has his first TAKS test on Reading. In third freaking grade. What are those stupid government people thinking, giving a third grader a test like that???? That is what high school and college are for!

Anyways, we keep telling him, like a mantra, Take Your Time. You don't have to finish First. Read the passage twice before answering questions. You have all day. (Literally they can keep testing till 5pm).
One major struggle for Alex will be the No talking rule. None, at all! They have even gone to so far as to disconnect the hand driers in the bathrooms, in case the kids sneak a chat under the blower noise. Remember this is third grade. Freaking third grade! Those cheaters!!
We were up early to have a breakfast of waffles, strawberries and "wobbly" bacon. That would be bacon cooked till soft, not crisp. And he ate double what he normally does. I think he was afraid of not eating till lunch. Regardless, he is stuffed. And we went to school early, just so he could have time on the playground since that was nixed from the daily schedule as well. Remember No Talking, they might pass each other the answers.
The remains of breakfast requests.
The only thing he was allowed to bring to school today was a hoodie and lunch. No back pack, no papers, no books. So I packed his lunch full of doubles. Double Hot Dogs, Double String Cheese, Double Apple Juice. And a Peep Cake. Because seriously, cupcakes can make any test easier. And they are cute. And Yummy. And now are calling my name. Peep Cakes.

Don't you love Easter Candy?

And before he jumped out of the car, I drew a circle on his hand to remind him that We love him. To Remind him that we know he will do great. And to Remind him to Take his Time.


Screaming Iguana 11:32 PM  

I can has Cupcake?

lisa 1:05 AM  

SO cute. I love those cupcakes.

It really is unnecessary how they do the testing. They should break it up into smaller sessions-- even if it is untimed, give them a CRAZY LONG amount of time to do one section. That way, it is done, they can go play and say all the answers they want because they can't go back to the test.

it's silly how the accountability movement has gotten so extreme that kids cant use the hand driers or play. They're kids!

We start em in 2nd grade in CA. but as far as I know none of our single tests are as long as this.

gina 11:56 PM  

mmmm, cupcakes!

lea ann 11:02 AM  

What a good mom you are! How did he do on the tests??

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