Monday, March 02, 2009

A Liability?

I have no shame, that is evident in the posting of this picture.
But this picture also shows my current worry. My hair. I love it, seriously. It is probably two inches longer than it was here.
Here where I am taunting a whopping crane to do the Karate Kid with me. Which he was.
But after watching Big Love last night, where Kathy has a really bad experience with a braid stuck in the truck door, a telephone pole and a broken neck, I think all the signs are there, that it is time to cut my hair. Now I just have to do it.
That might take a couple more inches to convince me. But the whole time I will be worried about catching my hair in the car door.


Screaming Iguana 11:45 AM  

Right now my sinus' are a liability. I might cut a couple of inches off of those bad boys too.

Karelle 3:49 PM  

No! Don't cut it! I LOVE your hair! :(

lisa 9:11 PM  

donate it!

Then it could still live on...

gina 9:43 PM  

i agree with lisa. definitely donate that beautiful hair if you decide to cut it.

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