Friday, March 06, 2009

Dog Bed

What's that?! Me? No, I am not napping. I am not snuggled up to Daddy's pillow for an afternoon nap. No way, you must be mistaken.
No really, I was just warming it for him. Because he is on his way home you know!
Where you going? I thought we were talking about a nap?

Hey Mom, I have a problem...

I use to have two beds to choose from...

And they were somewhere over here...

At least this is where they have always been...

But now they are gone. Where did they go?

Yeah, where did they go? Are you washing them??

Aaww, Mom you are washing them! You sure we can't just sleep on your big dog bed tonight?
No way doggies, Mommy has a date with Daddy in the big bed tonight.


lisa 8:55 PM  

they're good little pups! I know they kept me warm =)

gina 9:38 PM  

soooo cute!!

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