Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where our visitors go to hide.

Mom, Mom!!! Someone came to play with us?!?!?!
But they won't come down from the tree! Does she look like fun?!

I have to much to tell you, why don't you come down for a spell?

Really, we just want to play and talk!

See we even have a nice little place to play!
Needless to say, our Squirrel guest didn't come play, and I had to give her some time to escape the girls. Oh, but the excitement level was HUGE!


lisa 1:46 AM  

Squirrel?! They grow em BIG in Tejas!!!!

Front to Back 12:51 AM  

Awwweeeee. I wish my life was that simple. Run around a yard, play with a squirrel and play on a jungle gym.

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