Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Listed

  • I love the sounds of the wind outside the house, our house seems to be stretching and bendingwith each gust.
  • I loved watching the stars and moon last night with Casey in the Bounce house. It was not to chilly, zero bugs, and the bounce house made a good cushion. :)
  • Alex's birthday party was fantastic, so many fun friends, yummy cake, fun games, and of course the sleep over with a friend was a late giggly night.
  • Home made pizza rocks my socks.
  • DS games that Mommy can play too are great!
  • We are enjoying a lazy Sunday with Casey before he starts another string of trips.
  • I was only able to sleep last night due to the wonders of Nyquil. Damn sinusitis. UGH
  • I want to purge STUFF.
  • Laundry has over taken our bedroom.
  • The news is no longer fun to watch.
  • My best friend moved to Korea this week, she will be gone for over a year. :(
  • I need a facial.
  • I'd love a massage.
  • I think I love hedgehogs.


lisa 12:37 AM  

hedgehogs?! =)

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