Monday, February 02, 2009

Birthday Prep #9

It is Alex's 9th birthday tomorrow! How did these past nine years fly by to fast?

I got everything ready tonight for his birthday breakfast of waffles, pears and eggs. I decorated his chair and set the table with party blowers!

His pile of presents are wrapped and ready to be oogled in the morning. How we could come up with more things to buy so shortly after Christmas is solely due to the genius of Lego not releasing all of their new lines during the holidays.

And then I got us, the Birthday Gnomes busted, while we were in the middle of streamering his bedroom while he slept. I stepped on a box that I couldn't see, Casey and I both froze with our arms in the air and streamers hanging from our finger tips. I watched Alex, slowly wake up and spy the streamers over head and then lay back down with a sly smile on his face. He knew, and we were busted. So we went and snuggled down with our birthday boy, gave him hugs and kisses and told him to enjoy his room in the morning. Dang it, we were so busted!!! But at least I know he knows he is going to have a great birthday!


lisa 12:27 AM  

Oh my gosh, you guys. You are such sweet and loving parents. And Alex is so loveable.

Happy 9th.


gina 8:59 PM  

you guys are such cool parents!! how fun!! hope alex is having/had a great birthday!!

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