Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our New Year's Project.

Well we didn't ring in the New Year doing a home project, but we started one today! Alex was in dire need of a playroom reorganization session. So we tackled it today and cleaned EVERYTHING!! Moved furniture, scrubbed baseboards, dumped out drawers, the works.

The massive donation/garage sale pile.
While in the midst of that, Casey said he would head over to the Depot to get some wood cut to make a new table top for Alex's train table. Ya see, Alex doesn't play with his trains any more, he is most definitely in the Lego zone. So we got a piece of wood cut to size, covered it tack paper, and there you have it, a New Lego table. Both drawers underneath it are FILLED with Legos, manuals, platforms, and add-ons.

The new Lego table top. And yes, all those sets are from Christmas.

Casey being the smart hubby that he is, called me asked if we needed anything else from the Depot, which made me jump to the conclusion that Alex's bedroom needed some shelves. A disagreement ensued because Casey knows that I was just jumping the gun. Once he was home with the wood and that had been installed, we measured what we needed and headed back to the Depot, oopps I mean the Lowe's. Two shelves and two corner nooks later, we were home to finish the massive Alex reorg of 2009. And we are all happy with the results!

The new corner shelves, with a quick trip to Target, we got him a lamp too.

The new double shelves, which currently are housing his collection of Webkinz.
His small bookcase, which holds his "novels". He has read all most every single one in there. So if you have ever bought him a book, please know that we use them!

The new Quilt my mom made Alex for Christmas. Isn't it adorable?!

I just went into his room to tuck him in and sooth his lingering cough and found him with a huge smile on his face. He loves the changes. It isn't paint ( yet!), but it is new and organized and he feels great about the changes. That makes me happy on this new year's day.


gina 10:40 PM  

job well done!

happy new year!

lisa 6:02 PM  

Awww nice little upgrades there!!!!

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