Monday, January 05, 2009


FOR TODAY January 5, 2009...

Outside My Window... it is dreary, misty, and cold. Hopefully the mist will turn into some decent rain, we need it!

I am thinking... of our budget and future income. I started with a new budget system this year, Pear Budget's spreadsheet. I am LOVING it!

I am thankful for... warm fuzzy socks, muffins, quilts, Apricot tea, fresh Shepard's bread and groceries.

From the craft room... I finished my stocking that I mentioned last week. Now I am trying to finish up a sweater I started last year. It is my goal for January.

From the kitchen... Shepard's bread, chicken piccatta, and brownies.

I am wearing... jeans, blue Henley, and fuzzy lavender socks.

I am creating... my to-do craft list, all things that I have started an never finished. I am excited about it!

I am going... only out to get Alex, then home to snuggle into warm quilts and eat hot food.

I am reading... my bible, and the newest Merry book. good stuff.

I am hoping... that I stay firm in my newly started habits, especially the budgeting and menu planning. I need to add exercise in there.

I am hearing... whatever is on Comedy Central, Casey is manning the TV.

One of my favorite things... how bright the pictures are with my new camera. Dang it's awesome :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Monday: cooking and baking.
Tuesday: Errands like a wax and check pickup.
Wednesday: Organizing the closets

Thursday: Scout meeting

Friday: Pinewood derby car building

Saturday: Maybe the zoo

Sunday: Church and family time.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

How I make money. All those books on the top shelf are all the different classes I teach. ( Plus the pile of black edged books on the second shelf) The number is getting ready to double since new versions are out, but old versions are still being taught too. Money Money.


sunny 1:18 PM  

Nicole! Love the lists... keep 'em coming!

oohhh.. cozy socks...time at home. nice.

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