Monday, December 29, 2008

The Monday DayBook

FOR TODAY December 29, 2008...

Outside My Window... it is sunny and cold. The girls are baking in the weak light, trying to absorb as much heat as possible.
I am thinking... that I need to finish my Christmas Stocking. I stopped knitting with only 4 inches left to do. At least it will be ready for next year!
I am thankful for... Casey foresight. He has diligently socked away some paychecks, which means we are cushy for a little while, he can take some much needed time off ( weeks! if not months!) and I know everything will get taken care of.
From the craft room... this week I want to finish up my stocking and a ribbon scarf that has been on my needles for way too long.
From the kitchen... roasted chicken with wild rice and peas for dinner. I am thinking about making bread, cookies, and brownies today too!
I am wearing... jeans, my favorite green striped shirt and Ugg slippers.
I am creating... a list of things to finish this coming month.
I am going... to the store today, we stocked up our pantry last week, but somethings have to be replaced all ready and Alex needs some more medicine. Plus Sharon tried to drag me out of the house for coffee this morning, so I imagine we will go this afternoon. I haven't left my house in 5 days!
I am reading... In Defence of Food by Michael Pollen. And my Bible.
I am hoping... that I finish the same puzzle from Thanksgiving this week. Only a fourth left to do.
I am hearing... Alex playing Banjo Kamzokie.
Around the house... No more Christmas tree! It is up and away. I just need to take down the mantel, lights, and Alex's mini tree.
One of my favorite things... my new camera. :)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Monday: Grocery shopping and coffee.
Tuesday: Ummmm, library?
Wednesday: Cooking and celebrating!
Thursday: Sleeping in
Friday: Organizing of last years paperwork to be stored.
Saturday: ?
Sunday: Church and the return to school prep!
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
My Dad's first time at Hooter's, complete with beer, fried pickles, and a Cuban Sandwich. Yummy!


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