Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Downtown Shots

Casey and I went downtown on Friday just to take pictures. He used the Canon and I used the Nikon. These shots are just some of my favorites from that day. Oh! It was FREEZING too!
I think this one is my favorite shot of the day. I love how the wall is all most pure white.
A side walk way at the Alamo. As soon as I started taking this shot, three Asian tourists did too.
Looking up, I did A LOT of looking up shots that day.

Stairs at the La Villita.

An Old Rain Spout.

My favorite person shot, Casey and His Japanese School Girl wave.


gina 8:40 PM  

amazing shots!!

lisa 10:46 PM  

you're GOOD!

The Alamo is so photogenic.

And I miss the Riverwalk.

<3 you (mean it =)

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