Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 2: 30 Day Shred

Thats right, 12 hours after doing Day 1 I did Day 2. I figured it was the best way to use my time during a load of laundry. And I was right! I did Level 1 again, following the Beginner Girl, but I didn't feel as if I was going to die so much. It sure is motivation when my belly and boobs bounce off beat of my jumping jacks. *damn it*

I also figured that I would be a HUGE hypocrite if I had not worked out before I watched Biggest Loser tonight. I will say that I thought to myself more than once last night, "Oh My God, if they go through 8 hours of this a day on Biggest Loser, I can never do that show! I would die!" Which pissed me off, because I do NOT want to be a Joelle. No way now.

I also mapped a 2.3 mile loop in our neighborhood using Map my Run. Great site by the way! I am going to tackle that later this afternoon with Penny, right before I pick up Alexman.

Some Blogs that are totally giving me motivation are

Ash is Fit

30 Days to Better

Donna Downey Just sift through all her scrap stuff and you will find some amazing body changes! She rocked it.


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