Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1: 30 Day Shred

Okay I did it. I waited till my day 1 chances were all most gone, not actually doing the shred till 9:30pm, but still I DID IT!

I had to do something to counter the cream cheese wantons that I ate with Sharon tonight.

What?! I ate Cream Cheese Wantons???

Yes I did, you don't say No to your best friend when she wants to spend an hour on your couch watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 and eating our vice. I justified it even more by reminding myself that I only have 15 more days with her.

Anyways, I did the Level 1 shred tonight with 5 pound weights, mostly following the Beginner girl. I can do some of the exercises at the advanced level only due to flexibility. But let me be super honest and tell ya'll that IT KICKED MY BUTT!!! I am so out of shape. I took two 5 second breaks, and was so glad to have Jillian giving encouragement on the DVD, I swear she knew that I was wanting to stop each time. BUT I DID IT!!! Woo Hoo.

Tomorrow, I am doing the same thing, but in the morning, most likely working through some of the soreness that I know I will feel. But I DID IT!!!



Screaming Iguana 9:23 AM  

Good Job Babe!

I worked the Buff as well.
45m Treadmill
200x Prisioner Squats
200x Knee Raises
160x pushups
30m Shadow Boxing

Man sometimes hotels are boring....A guys gotta kill time

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